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Magnetic car flagpole "SteelEx - Classic"

Magnetic car flag pole – used by Diplomat, UN, Governments, limousine companies, funeral companies and people all around the world who want an exclusive magnetic flagpole in polished stainless steel.

Magnetic car flag pole 3 Magnetic car flag pole 4

  • Magnetic flag holder easy to mount and demount when not in use 
  • Exclusive made of black eloxided alloy
  • Gold coated 14 mm flagpole knob
  • Total height of flagpole -upright position 40,5 cm
  • Rubber coated magnet protect car paint from scratches
  • Extremly powerful 88 mm NdFeB magnet fixed flagpole firmly to the chassis. Magnetic power 420N.
  • Vertically mounted on fully magnetizable materials - tested up to 80 km/h
  • Horizontally mounted on fully magnetizable materials - tested up to 130 km/h
  • Perfect flag for example for classic cars
                                                                        Made in Sweden

  • Magnetic car flag pole 24

    • Flagpole can easely be adjusted in all angels between 0-180 degrees

    Magnetic car flagpoles are designed for ceremonial use in slow speed only. Serious personal injury or property da

    mage could otherwise result from misuse of this products. Please read and follow safety instruction very carefully.

                                                            Magnetic Car Flagpole Prices

Magnetic car flagpole "SteelEx - Classic"


800458 Car flagpole "SteelEx - Classic" with 88 mm magnet*             185
* Only single sided flag with a maximum size of 20x30 cm and made in textile with a maximum weight of 130 gr/m2 are allowed to be used to drive in max 80 respective 130 km/h.

Car Flag Prices

Car flag prices  - single sided (all worlds national car flags 20x30 cm in stock. Other flags - delivery time on request)

Flags made in knitted polyester with a weight of 120 gr/m2. Flags in high quality with brilliant full-colour images with nearly 100% penetration to revers side. Reading correctly on one side with mirrored image on reverse side.

National car flag 20x30 cm EUR 12
Int. Organisation car flag 20x30 cm EUR 17
Customized car flag 20x30 cm with own photo, school photo, wedding photo  etc EUR 30
Gold coloured fringes on 20x30 cm flag - extra cost EUR 30

Car flagpole order

Please, click here to order your flagpole in our webshop or send your

E-mail order together with your complete invoice and delivery address to:  



Instruction for payment in advance - via your bank or credit card - will then be e-mailed to you.


(Payment via credit card will follow "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)" safety rules)


Swedish 25% V.A.T. are excluded. For tax free order within EU - please also enclose your V.A.T.


Shipment will be done at once we receipt payment.

Freight cost (will be added to the order) exept for just flags. All flags free freight - All over the world.


 Destination  Approx delivery/freight leadtime  Freight cost
 Sweden  3 days  EUR 15
 Europe  1 week  EUR 25
 USA  1-2 week  EUR 35
 Rest of the world  1-2 week  EUR 40
 Courier-Express world wide    Price on request


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